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About Our Awards

The 2024 Hotel of the Year Awards recognise and reward hotels and spas that deliver exceptional levels of service and world class facilities to its guests.

By becoming an award winning hotel, you showcase your hotel as much more than a hotel but as a guest experience that will live with your guests for many years and elevate your hotel over your competitors.

Our awards are unique to the hospitality industry as we offer a fully recorded inspection to each official nominee which is then followed up with a comprehensive inspection report that can act as a consultation to review current guest services and facilities. This can be of great value to management and owners that seek to improve the overall guest experience that they offer their guests.

We do not require hotels or resorts to enter into voting competitions of any kind and the awards are fully transparent due to our inspection report system. It is also a very cost affective awards system as the inspection is the only requirement and this does not require hotel management or staff to spend valuable time and money marketing and promoting over a long time period to secure votes.

Benefits of taking part and winning an award.

Taking part:

Each hotel that wins one or more of our 2024 awards have the option to order a framed winners certificate of recognition that can be proudly displayed in each nominated hotel acknowledging their considered relevance amongst the competition for the 2024 Hotel of the Year Awards.

Each winning hotel or resort also receives a custom digital winners logo to use.

Entering our awards process shows that your hotel and its staff endeavour to provide your guests with the highest possible level of service and facilities.

Taking part also gives your hotel management and staff a detailed insight and report into a professional anonymous guest experience in which we score, comment and suggest ways of improving on all aspects of your guest’s experience.

It gives your staff a target to achieve an award winning level of service and treat every guest as a VIP guest.

We actively market and promote your hotel Worldwide as one of our nominated and recommended hotels through various media and online marketing opportunities. We also offer networking opportunities at our awards ceremony.

Our awards showcases your hotel to a World of new potential guests.


Hotels that win one of our awards will be recognised worldwide as a hotel that offers and provides an award winning level of service and experience second to none. It is both an endorsement by our judges but more importantly by one of your guests. Guest experience is the single most important factor to any hotel and your hotel will be acknowledged as one of the very best in the World.

Your hotel will receive a gold embossed framed winners certificate that can be proudly displayed in your hotel to showcase this great achievement to your hotel guests. Guest will know that when they enter your hotel they will receive award winning service, facilities and a stay to beat all others.

Your hotel will be listed on our website as an award winning hotel for 2024 and this award will showcase your hotel as achieving the highest possible standard of service and experience to present and future guests.

Entry and judging process:

The Hotel of the Year Awards recognise and reward hotels that deliver exceptional service and facilities to its guests.

All the great hotels of this World have one thing in common,great service and facilities. Now is the time to showcase your hotel to the World.

Entry is quick and easy.

Simply fill in the form below and email it to us today. We will contact you back within 5 working days to confirm your entry

Once we receive your submission we will contact you to confirm your entry and send you details of how our professional hotel judge will inspect and score your hotel based on his/her experience during a future stay. Inspections will be done on an anonymous basis in order to give a true guest experience.

Once our judge has completed his stay we will inform your hotel at check-out. Your hotel will have the option of requesting a full detailed written report based on our judges stay and experience. This is a 23 page report that will cover every aspect of the stay and will include scores based on the experience and also comments on each, along with professional suggestions on how to improve and enhance both the guest experience and also recommendations on how to potentially increase revenue in each sector of your hotel.

All judges reports will remain private and confidential and only shared with the individual hotel. The scores based on the stay will be used to give your hotel its overall score for the 2024 Hotel of the Year Awards.

How each hotel is scored and ranked

Each hotel is marked and scored by one of our expert hotel inspectors during their stay. They work to a strict set of scoring rules and guidelines during each hotel visit so that each hotel no matter how big or small are judged exactly the same.

We don’t require the hotel to have to market and promote entry to our awards to all its guests and enter into a long drawn out process but we prefer to judge and score on a single pure guest experience as we feel that this is what most guests will experience during an average stay.

Our hotel inspector will spend great time and detail in order to inspect and experience all each hotel has to offer its guests. Notes, comments and recommendations will be recorded and available to each hotel on a confidential basis as part of our service and awards inspection.

We experience, record, review and score all aspects of a guests stay from Check-in, room facilities, service, décor & atmosphere, hotel facilities such as dining, gym, pool, room service, business facilities, Spa and many more.

Once an overall score is then calculated for your hotel and or spa this will then rank your hotel against other hotels in your category and region as well as count towards our overall Hotel of the Year Top 100 Hotel ranking list.

Awards winning scores will be displayed on our website in order of merit so that the public can view, reference and select hotels based on these scores when organising future travel.

Winning hotels will be notified 8weeks in advance of the awards ceremony that they have won an award (actual award not disclosed until the awards ceremony) and can book a package to attend the awards gala ceremony.

Terms & conditions

How to successfully register to participate:

Complete the registration form & submit.

Send us 3 High Resolution Images of the exterior view of the hotel and 2 room images (JPEG format) via email register@hoteloftheyearawards.com as well as a short description best describing the facilities on offer. This should not exceed a max of 120 words.

Registration payment fee to be paid within 7 working days of entry and also please submit the proof of settled invoice via email.

Our awards are open to all luxury hotel’s and Spa’s Worldwide.

Images and information that you send us will be used by us for any purpose, will not be subject to confidential treatment and may be disclosed by us without further consent from participants.

Hotel of the year awards have the right to disclose total hotel scores for ranking purposes and also have the right to disclose category and sub-category scores for the purpose of ranking hotels.

The hotel inspectors visit report will remain private and confidential and will only be issued to each participating hotel.

Should there be any information changes on the side of the participating property, this should be emailed to hotels@hoteloftheyearawards.com in order to update the company profile. Should any information changes (e.g. Contacts, name changes, category changes) not be communicated with the hotel of the year Awards we will not be held responsible for outdated information profiles?

Authorized company representatives who submit entries will be our main point of contact unless we are otherwise notified.

When a hotel re-register from one year to another existing images and descriptions of the hotel will be used unless we receive the updated version within 7 days from entry date.

Registration fees can be paid by bank transfer, Euro bank draft or PayPal and made payable to Hotel of the Year Awards Ltd.

Registration invoice to be settled within the given timeframe.

The full registration fee should reach the hotel of the year Awards account thus provision should be made for any charges that may occur due to transferring of funds.

In order for inspectors to also inspect, score, rank and experience facilities in your hotel or spa for the purpose of entry into all awards categories we request that your hotel or spa offer a complimentary stay on a Half-Board basis (Breakfast & Dinner/Drinks) for a maximum of 2 nights for two people (or 2 adults and 2 children when entering a family friendly award categories) or a maximum of 3 nights if entering both Hotel & Spa awards valid for a period of 12 months from date of registration.

Transfers are also encouraged but optional to each hotel/resort.

The above mentioned complimentary voucher/s should be outlined by letter, signed by management and emailed to register@hoteloftheyearawards.com

Proof of payment is required and should be emailed to register@hoteloftheyearawards.com


We work very hard to provide you with the most current and accurate information on our Site, we can’t and don’t warrant that everything you see on this Site is up-to-date, error-free or complete. We will do our best to correct any error once notified.

Cancellation Policy

0% Refund once registration is received.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

No cancellations will be accepted once entries have been successfully submitted.

The company will be held liable for payment of the once-off administration fee as well as any legal costs resulting from failure to pay.

By submitting the registration form, the company agrees to officially participate in the Hotel of the Year Awards for a period of 1 year.