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Will a Hotel of the Year Awards representative or judge visit our property?

Answer:Yes, Every hotel that enters will have a fully trained professional judge visit and experience all aspects of each hotel. Everything will be recorded for future use in both scoring the experience and facilities and also importantly then documented and passed on to each hotel to review with key staff members in order to reward those that give exceptional service. The report can also be used to improve in any areas required and will also include suggestions and recommendations to increase revenue where opportunities to do so are available.


Would I potentially receive more Hotel bookings and increase revenue by means of participation in the Hotel of the year Awards?

Answer:Most certainly yes. In a time where customers seek the best possible value for their money, award winning hotels will always stand out above other options. All guests will choose a hotel that offers award winning service and facilities over those that do not meet this standard. Along with this we will always recommend new ways to increase revenue with existing facilities and highlight new revenue opportunities.


By registering and becoming a nominated Hotel of the Year entrant what do I receive?

Answer:You receive a framed certificate of nomination that you can proudly display in your hotel. You will receive the detailed professional guest judge report. Your hotel will be listed on our website as a 2021 hotel of the Year nominee. You will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the Prize winner’s Gala dinner. Most importantly by registering your hotel and spa for these awards you demonstrate that you want to achieve an award winning level of service and facilities for your guests.


When will inspections begin?

Answer:: January 2021.


When will the winners be notified?

Answer:: In early October 2021 all winning hotels will be notified that they have won an award. However only on the night of the awards dinner will the winners of each category berevealed.


When are the awards presented?

Answer:Late November 2021 (exact date and venue to be confirmed) at the Prize Gala dinner. Hotels that are unable to attend the awards will have the option to have their award sent directly to them by courier.


What would my Hotel receive as a Winner?

Your hotel will be awarded a title of 2021 Hotel of the Year Awards Category winner which is priceless and raises your hotel above all others as an Award winning hotel. You also receive ahand paintedframed winner’s plate with your hotel name and winning category hand painted on the plate. The reason we choose a plate over a trophy has a very important and symbolic reason: For hundreds of years a plate has been and is still used to this day to serve guests. Each plate is hand crafted in great detail by our Official Sponsor and we feel that this is the most symbolic way to display award winning service and attention to detail of the highest level which each of our winning hotels have achieved. This award can be proudly displayed in your hotel for guests to view and this will showcase your hotel as a hotel that offers its guests award winning facilities and service.


How do I enter/register?

Answer: please email register@hoteloftheyearawards.com and we will forward you all the required information.


I am unable to attend the Hotel of The Year Awards Gala Ceremony, can I still register and participate in the Awards this year?

Answer: Yes.


I have not heard of the Hotel of The Year Awards before, please confirm advantages of participation?

Answer :The Hotel of The Year Awards were created to offer hotels the opportunity to enter their hotel and spa for an award that is judged by professionally trained inspectors that will experience, record and score each hotel based on a pure guest experience. We feel that sometimes awards that involve securing votes or mass recommendations can often lead to bigger hotels securing more awards just based on numbers. We feel passionately that every hotel guest should be treated like a VIP and this encourages hotels to offer this level of service to all its guests. We also think that a professionally trained inspector/judge can give a very balanced and fair review of a hotel and its facilities as they have the experience and knowledge from visiting hundreds of luxury hotels Worldwide, very similar to the way that the Michelin guide awards stars to restaurants worldwide by sending highly trained inspectors to judge and award based on years of experience and professional training.

For any other questions or enquiries please email info@hoteloftheyearawards.com and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions.