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Benefits of taking part and winning an award

  • Taking part:

Each hotel that is nominated for one or more of our 2021 awards are endowed with a framed certificate of recognition that can be proudly displayed in each nominated hotel acknowledging their considered relevance amongst the competition for the 2021 Hotel of the Year Awards.

  • Entering our awards process shows that your hotel and its staff endeavour to provide your guests with the highest possible level of service and facilities.
  • Taking part also gives your hotel management and staff a detailed insight and report into a professional anonymous guest experience in which we score, comment and suggest ways of improving on all aspects of your guest’s experience.
  • It gives your staff a target to achieve an award winning level of service and treat every guest as a VIP guest.
  • We actively market and promote your hotel Worldwide as one of our nominated and recommended hotels through various media and online marketing opportunities. We also offer networking opportunities at our awards ceremony.

Our awards showcases your hotel to a World of new potential guests.


  • Winners:
  • Hotels that win one of our awards will be recognised worldwide as a hotel that offers and provides an award winning level of service and experience second to none. It is both an endorsement by our judges but more importantly by one of your guests. Guest experience is the single most important factor to any hotel and your hotel will be acknowledged as one of the very best in the World.
  • Your hotel will receive a hand painted framed trophy/plate that can be proudly displayed in your hotel to showcase this great achievement to your hotel guests. Guest will know that when they enter your hotel they will receive award winning service, facilities and a stay to beat all others.
  • Your hotel will be listed on our website as an award winning hotel for 2021 and this award will showcase your hotel as achieving the highest possible standard of service and experience to present and future guests.