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Hotel & Spa Registration

Entry & judging process

The Hotel of the Year Awards recognise and reward hotels that deliver exceptional service and facilities to its guests.

All the great hotels of this World have one thing in common,great service and facilities. Now is the time to showcase your hotel to the World.

There is no greater marketing and promotional tool that to be able to showcase your hotel as a current awards winning hotel!


  • Entry is quick and easy.
  • Simply go to: http://hoteloftheyearawards.com/register-now/ or email register@hoteloftheyearawards.com and we will send you all the details required to enter your hotel and or spa in the 2022 Hotel of the Year Awards.
  • Once we receive your submission we will contact you to confirm your entry and send you details of how your hotel will be reviewed, scored and ranked. There is also the option to have a professional hotel inspector inspect and score your hotel based on his/her experience during a future stay. Inspections will be done on a pre-booked basis in order to give a true guest experience.
  • Once our judge has completed his stay we will inform your hotel at check-out. Your hotel will receivea full detailed written report based on our judges stay and experience. This is a 23page report that will cover every aspect of the stay and will include scores based on the experience and also comments on each, along with professional suggestions on how to improve and enhance both the guest experience and also recommendations on how to potentially increase revenue in each sector of your hotel.
  • All inspection reports will remain private and confidential and only shared with the individual hotel. The scores based on the stay will be used to give your hotel its overall score for the 2022 Hotel of the Year Awards.
  • Entry fees for the 2022 Hotel of the Year Awards are as follows:

    Hotel: €750 euro.
    Hotel & Spa: €995 euro.

    Fees are inclusive of entry to all awards categories, all marketing and promotion we provide for the 2022 awards including social media, website entry and all media during the awards ceremony, Detailed 23page inspection report covering our inspectors stay, all administration, taxes and charges and each hotel and or Spa will receive a framed 2022 awards nominee certificate that can be proudly displayed in your hotel.

There is a small fee of €950 euro to be part of this exclusive production.

Each hotel & resort that takes part in this video will receive the film and photos to use for marketing and promoting your Hotel once we edited it for airing.